Edible Gardening: Garden Plans for Pots and Raised Beds

Cooking Light published a kitchen garden column, complete with garden plans and designs that allow harvesting nearly year-round. Find more articles, recipes and inspiring images at cookinglight.com/garden. Want to grow fresh food? Use these plans for gorgeous, productive kitchen gardens in raised beds or containers. [...]

6 Shrubs That Stop Traffic

Looking for a shrub that gets a second look? Take this list to your neighborhood garden center for help finding these show-stopping shrubs for your garden. SHRUB NAME DESCRIPTION Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ This plant deserves all the limelight and will stay in the spotlight for [...]

Plants for Pollinators: 5 Things to Know About Pollinator Gardens

Planting for pollinators and beneficial insects is one of the best things you can do in your Alabama garden. Feeding the bees and butterflies is a critical need for a healthy environment and ecosystem. The bonus is gorgeous flowers and a great landscape for you and your community to [...]

Plants for Pollinators: Recommended Resources

When adding plants to your Alabama landscape, why not choose plants for pollinators? The Nature Conservancy’s Nature Works program provides pollinator gardening resources for teachers and students, assembling helpful educational materials from a variety of national organizations. Resources Recommended by The Nature Conservancy: How to Plant A Pollinator Garden The [...]

Vegetable Gardening in Alabama: When, How and What to Plant

Successful harvests begin with smart planning. Growing your own vegetables is a fun and addictive hobby that can turn into a daily way of life, yielding flavorful food and encouraging you to try growing more plants. You may be feeding the neighborhood in no time! Site + Soil: Whether [...]

Edible Gardening: Top Picks for the Summer Season

Curious about edible gardening options for this summer? You’ve successfully grown a summer tomato and a crisp cucumber. What's next? Aside from the sheer joy of eating something homegrown, there are smart tactics to choosing what seeds and plants to include in your food garden. Select varieties of vegetables, [...]