11 Special Trees for Your Alabama Landscape

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopper or a shade-maker, there are many fine choices to fill the perfect spot in your lot. Forego the builder-grade basic by adding something special for you and your family to enjoy. It’s important to consider the size of your space (both height and [...]

Why Plant Natives?

There is a growing interest in using native plants in landscapes today, in both Alabama and across the United States. Emphasis and enthusiasm is excitedly building for creation or restoration of natural plant habitats. These sustain the birds, pollinators and beneficial insects that so greatly contribute to a healthy [...]

Container Gardening: 6 Basics for Better Results

Growing in containers is a smart choice for any gardener, whether new or novice. Both big yards and small balconies are equally suited for pots tucked away in spots. A thoughtful assortment of containers can grow a surprising amount of plants, whether your goal is cut flowers, decorative color [...]

Edible Gardening: Top Picks for Cool Seasons

If you’ve successfully grown your own food, whether a tomato in a five gallon bucket or a pot of herbs by the kitchen door, you are well on your way to falling in love with fall gardening. With cool days and crisp nights to make being outside pleasant, early [...]

Alabama Gardening Basics: USDA Hardiness Zones & Frost Dates

Want to know how to grow in your Alabama landscape? Reading plant labels and choosing from enticing selections at your local garden shop can be overwhelming. When in doubt, ask the passionate plant folks at your local independent garden center to guide you. These clues help simplify the selection [...]

9 Trees Better than a Bradford Pear

What should you plant instead of a Bradford pear? “Anything” is what most landscape designers and horticulturists might exclaim. Once loved as a mid-size tree that kept a rounded shape and wowed with early spring flowers, the Bradford pear has proven to be susceptible to splitting into matchsticks and [...]

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